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Gulaal | HELIA (GL-EC-24V1-02) | Chant D l’Amour


Gulaal | HELIA (GL-EC-24V1-02) | Chant D l’Amour

Gulaal presents HELIA (GL-EC-24V1-02) Chant D l’Amour, a captivating fragrance that embodies the very essence of romance.

Indulge in Sensory Delights

Immerse yourself in a sensory journey like no other as Gulaal | HELIA (GL-EC-24V1-02) | Chant D l’Amour envelops you in its alluring aroma. With top notes of delicate florals and hints of citrus, this perfume tantalizes the senses from the first whiff, leaving a trail of intrigue and allure wherever you go.

Experience Unforgettable Moments

Let HELIA transport you to a world of romance and intimacy, where every moment is filled with promise and passion. Whether you’re on a romantic date or simply want to add a touch of allure to your everyday life, this exquisite fragrance is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Embrace the Power of Scent

Harness the power of scent to captivate hearts and ignite sparks of romance with Gulaal’s HELIA.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Senses

Elevate your senses and awaken your inner romantic with HELIA (GL-EC-24V1-02) Chant D l’Amour by Gulaal. Embrace the magic of fragrance and let it transport you to a world where love reigns supreme. Indulge in the luxury of romance and make every moment unforgettable with this enchanting perfume.


XS, S, M, L


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