Elan Audace 2023 LIDIJA (EV-20694)

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Silhouette: The ‘Lidija’ silhouette is iconic and crafted from ebony silk. It features intricate Persian imagery, which adds a unique and artistic touch to the outfit.


The ensemble includes an artsy print that combines elements of Persian art and culture.


A sumptuous pure medium silk dupatta is included with the outfit. This dupatta is expertly illustrated with vivid floral and figurative art, enhancing the overall elegance of the ensemble.


Both the shirt and dupatta are made from Grip 80 Pure Silk, ensuring a luxurious and high-quality feel.

Shipping and Returns:

Shipping Time:

Elan offers 2 to 3 working weeks of nationwide shipping across the UK to ensure that customers receive their orders promptly.

Color Variation:

It’s important to note that the product’s color may vary slightly due to factors such as photographic lighting or device settings.

About Elan:

Elanย  Audace 2023 LIDIJA (EV-20694) is your trusted source for high-quality Pakistani fashion in the UK. The brand offers the Audace collection, designed to elevate your style and make a lasting impression.


As mentioned earlier, there may be slight color variations due to factors like photographic lighting or device settings.

Additional Information:

we offer both stitched and unstitched products in their collection. If you prefer unstitched options, you can reach out to them via WhatsApp for assistance.

Please keep in mind that this information is accurate as of my last knowledge update in September 2021. For the most current information on Elan’s products and services, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly.


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