AJEM-20 Pyaar Diyan Gallan By Asim Jofa

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AJEM-21 Pyaar Diyan Gallan

Experience the allure of our AJEM-21 Pyaar Diyan Gallan ensemble, where every detail evokes the essence of a blooming peach blossom. Crafted from luxurious organza, the shirt features an intricately embroidered center panel flanked by delicate side panels. Additionally, vibrant hues adorn these panels, with gold sequins shimmering like playful sunbeams. Subtle zari work adds an understated elegance, reminiscent of soft gold bangles.

A stunning organza dupatta complements the shirt perfectly, meticulously embroidered to harmonize with its design. This completes the perfect peach ensemble.

Design Details:

  • Luxurious Organza: The shirt showcases an embroidered center panel and side panels crafted from exquisite organza. Furthermore, a flowing 30-inch dyed organza panel graces the back.
  • Exquisite Borders: Magnificent 60-inch embroidered borders adorn the front and back hems (daman) of the shirt. These additions add grandeur to the ensemble.
  • Elegant Sleeves: Delicately embroidered organza sleeves are finished with a beautiful border, ensuring a cohesive look.
  • Sparkling Embellishments: Delicate gold sequins and zari work provide shimmer and sophistication.
  • Complete Ensemble: A 2.5-meter embroidered border enhances the front and back chaak (slit) of the shirt. This is accompanied by a matching 2.5-meter embroidered dupatta.
  • Silky Comfort: Trousers are tailored from 1.5 meters of dyed, wide-width silk. This ensures luxurious comfort and a graceful drape

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